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Brad Little and Paulette Jordan won the Republican and Democratic votes respectively for the gubernatorial primary yesterday, May 15.

Lawerence E. Denney ran unopposed for the Republican Secretary of State, while Jill Humble won on the Democrat side.

Sherri Ybarra won as the Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Cindy Wilson got 85 percent of the Republican votes.

In Madison County, the primary race between state representatives was close: Doug Ricks won against Ron Nate with only 52 percent of the vote. Britt Raybould also won against Elaine King and Marshall H. Merrell with 46 percent of the vote.

According to the Idaho Secretary of State’s website, primaries allow state residents to initially choose who they want to enter the main elections in November.

The final elections will be held on Nov. 6. According to the Financial Times, all 435 House of Representatives seats will be up for election, along with 34 of the 100 Senate seats.

For full results, visit the Idaho Secretary of State’s website,

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