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Summer is here, that means warm weather, bluer skies and longer days. There is no better thing to do than to go outside and enjoy this wonderful season. Here are some ideas of outside games to play at family home evening:

Watch Your Step

Everyone ties a balloon at each of their ankles. The objective is simple; you have to pop the balloons from other people as you protect yours. When both of your balloons are popped, you are out. The last person with a balloon wins, according to

Lawn Twister

All you need is some spray paint with different colors and some grass. You paint several circles with different colors on the lawn to be your “board”. Then you are done and ready to play Twister on the grass. According to

Water Balloon Dodge Ball

Get some friends together and buy some water balloons. Throw them at one another. If you get hit then you are out and wet. You can organize yourselves into teams or make it a free-for-all, according to

Watermelon Rubber Band Race

This one may take a little longer to finish, but it will be a great experience. All you need is a watermelon for each team and one or two bags of rubber bands. Divide everyone into teams of two. When you start each team will put rubber bands on the watermelon, the first watermelon to explode is the winner, according to

Bon Appétit

Do like to play games and to eat at the same time? This is the game for you. Gather seven to ten people and have them line up in a single-file line in front of a table with condiments to make a sandwich. Each person adds one thing to the sandwich and goes to the back of the line. After the sandwich is done, each person takes a bite of it. The first team to make and eat their sandwich wins, according to

Frozen T-shirt Race

Nothing is better on a hot summers day than a frozen shirt! All you do is get shirts for each participant, soak them, fold and put them in the freezer. When they are nice and frozen each person gets one, the first one to unfold and put it on wins, according to

Drip, Drip, Drop

Everybody sits in a circle, duck-duck-goose style and the person who is it has to guess what the word that the person holding the cup is thinking of. If they guess it wrong, the person drips water on them, if they guess it right the person will drop all the water on them. You may want to exchange the cup for a bucket of water, according to

Baking Badminton

All you need is a badminton or volleyball net, baking sheets for each player and baked goods, like donuts, mini pies and cake. It plays just like a badminton game, the difference is that as a ball you use a baking good and as a racket the baking sheets. The game gets pretty messy but it will be fun and sweet, according to

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