The campaign for Light the World spread across various jumbotrons in Times Square, New York City, creating a spectacle of images including the North Star, Joseph and Mary holding baby Jesus and promotions for the various Giving Machines.

The 2023 theme for Light the World centers around letting light shine.

“As we commemorate the birth of Him who is the Light of the World, new light is kindled in each of us … As we follow Jesus Christ, we can make this a better world,” said President Russell M. Nelson, president of the Church.

Light the World can be shared digitally.

Light the World can be shared digitally. Photo credit: Church Newsroom

There are many ways for followers of this movement to light the world. Some simple ways to do this include sharing the Light the World campaign on social media platforms, participating in service opportunities, donating at the Giving Machines and choosing options from “50 ways to let your light shine.”

Light can shine across the world as people do simple acts of service and spread joy.

Watch the Light the World 2023 video on the Church’s YouTube.