On Feb. 2nd at 7:30 p.m., students can attend a live showing of Rick Thomas’s magic at the John W. Hart Auditorium.

Dale Hillier is responsible for making the show happen and has been in contact with Thomas since 2020.

“Thomas is a top-level, legendary magician who has been performing in Las Vegas and other venues around the world for several decades,” Hillier said. “His illusions are what I would call large-scale. Like for example, having a life-size helicopter appear on stage.”

To have an accomplished illusionist perform at BYU-Idaho, Hillier pulled a few extra strings.

“I can guarantee you if you were to go see this same show, in Las Vegas, or Branson, the cost would be many times more than what we are charging. That’s what Center Stage is about, bringing world-class entertainment at an affordable rate.” Hillier said.

Thomas’s live performance is approaching quickly, and Hillier has one piece of advice.

“Illusion is about sleight of hand. As an audience member, you become engaged when you’re trying to watch. The early bird gets the worm, so everyone should try and get a good seat,” Hiller said.

Students can experience illusionary magic for an affordable price. Tickets cost $15 and can be purchased here.