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Immigration policy rewards illegals

Obama’s new immigration policy is favoring the children of illegal immigrants. According to a recent Bloomberg poll, 64 percent of likely voters agree with Obama’s new policy. HUNTER PARAMORE | Scroll Illustration

It may be time for Americans to check their credit history. In 2006, Camber Lybbert was told by her bank that her daughter’s Social Security number was on file for two credit cards and two auto loans, with an outstanding balance of more than $25,000.
Her daughter was only three years old. For Lybbert, this was the beginning of the long process of clearing her daughter’s credit history from the activities of an illegal immigrant, who was trying to get a job in the U.S.
Every year, illegal immigrants use fraudulent documents such as counterfeit Social Security cards, forged drivers licenses, fake “green cards,” and phony birth certificates.
In an article for the Center for Immigration Studies, Ronald W. Mortensen, a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer, said that 75 percent of working-age illegal immigrants use fraudulent Social Security cards to obtain employment. Children’s Social Security cards are commonly the prime target.
Illegal immigrants make nearly one of every 20 workers in the United States, according to estimates by the Pew Hispanic Center, and most are working under fraudulent Social Security numbers, which can be bought in any immigrant community or in Mexico, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.
According to the Heritage Foundation, “Those who enter and remain in the country illegally are violating the law, and condoning or encouraging such violations increases the likelihood of further illegal conduct.”
Further illegal conduct consists of identity fraud. If an American participates in identity fraud, he is punished.
If an illegal immigrant is found to participate in identity fraud, he is pitied. What kind of hypocritical system are we running?
Last week, President Barack Obama gave illegal immigrants hope as he announced a new immigration policy that will allow the children of illegal immigrants to bypass deportation for two years so long as they qualify.
His changes will allow people younger than 30 who came to the U.S. before the age of 16 a two-year deferral from deportation if they have not posed criminal or security threats, have been successful students or have served in the military.
With the coming presidential election only months away, the timing of Obama’s announcement is not surprising. In his attempt to gain voters, Obama is trying to patch things with the Hispanic vote after deportations have reached record highs under his administration.
In fact, as of March 2010, approximately 81 percent of the nation’s estimated 11.2 million illegal immigrants were of Hispanic origin; and that same year, the U.S. Homeland Security reported that Hispanics accounted for 97 percent of those deported.
Many argue that the immigration process is too difficult, unfair and unreasonable.
Others say illegals should be granted amnesty because they know someone who “deserves” it.
Finally, there are some that believe illegal immigration offers a fighting chance at self-sufficiency.
If qualifications were based on work ethic and attitude alone, illegal immigrants may be chosen to stay and many Americans would be deported.
The arguments may be valid for some, but illegal immigrants who are granted permission to remain in the U.S. encourages and rewards illegal behavior. It is unfair to those who obey the law and go through the correct channels to enter and remain legally.
With this new policy, Obama is encouraging future illegal behavior. Illegal immigration is wrong. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are coming from.
The arguments about the economy benefiting from illegal immigrants, people from both sides having a better life, and immigrants obtaining more freedoms and opportunities unattainable in their own countries may be true, but they do not make it right.


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