BYU-Idaho opened a new Wellness Center that focuses on the quality of life.

The new Wellness Center provides a more personal environment for students and faculty to develop themselves. The purpose of it is to help students and faculty live better in all aspects of life.

“Each room has a large window providing natural lighting, and there are photos of the outdoors throughout the center, making for a more inviting atmosphere than the previous Wellness Center,” said Anna Loader, the project manager for Student Life Communications and a senior studying business management.

Courtesy Photo: Anna Loader

The new center is focused on making a comfortable atmosphere catered to the needs of the clients, and so it was upgraded to help students reach their wellness goals.

“The purpose of the Wellness Center is to help students identify where they might be having deficiencies in different aspects of wellness,” said Jacob Bullecer, the media and promotions specialist for the Wellness Center and a senior studying exercise physiology.

The Wellness Center is available for students, the spouse of a student or BYU-I employees. They offer wellness, physical and emotional assessments, and they have one-on-one consultation meetings to teach clients how to improve their overall well-being. Most assessments are free.

“It’s a place designated to evaluate your lifestyle and help you maximize opportunities to reach your potential,” Loader said. “It’s a very motivating place to be in.”

Courtesy Photo: Anna Loader

The Wellness Center focuses on improvement, development and progression from an academic, athletic, social, nutritional, spiritual or emotional standpoint. They have information about eating habits and how to maintain or improve them. They can test client’s body mass index, muscle mass and fitness abilities.

“This all plays a part in the overall quality of life as a college student,” Bullecer said.

The employees in the Wellness Center are students and they are trained on every assessment to help students perform to their best abilities.

Students can go to to learn about the events and services offered, or go to John W. Hart Building 174 to sign up for a free assessment.