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Second Block classes started Wednesday, Feb. 27, giving students a chance to propel their graduation plans forward.

According to the BYU-Idaho website, “Students have the option of taking ‘Block Classes’ which are classes taught in half the time as a regular semester class. A regular semester class is taught for 14 weeks, and block classes are taught for 7 weeks.”

Many students use block classes to take classes that they wouldn’t otherwise have time for.

Aubrie Bear, a junior majoring in interdisciplinary studies, took Career Exploration and Mission Preparation last year to try something new.

“There was no busy work because we didn’t have time for it,” Bear said. “Everything fit in that window well, and it was a nice way to switch up the semester. I think it would be really nice if they made more foundations into block classes. I can learn the sufficient information in that time.”

The Second Block spans just six weeks, and professors tailor their material for the window of time.

“I would recommend block classes to students who may have other obligations,” said Karli Kidd, an employee at the Registration office and a sophomore studying web design and development. “Taking a first block class along with my other courses helps me to get certain classes out of the way and have an easier remainder of the semester. It helps students get a certain amount of credits in a short amount of time.”

Paige Smith, a junior studying communication, is registered for a math class that will start this Wednesday.

“I like block classes because it helps you round out your schedule,” Smith said. “Like if you don’t have a class, you don’t have to wait until next semester and hope to get in. It gives you a lot more options than you would normally have.”

If you are considering taking a Second Block class, you still have time to add. The last day to add yourself to a Second Block class waiting list is March 5.

Rob Quispe, a junior studying business management, works at the Registration office and wants students to know about the deadlines coming up.

“Block classes have different deadlines,” Quispe said. “A block class’ deadlines are sooner than regular classes, so knowing the deadlines prevents them from paying for a class or receiving a ‘W.'”

For information on Second Block deadlines and important dates, visit

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