The Rexburg Institute of Religion is now in session for Winter 2024.

Various classes and activities are provided through local teachers in various places in the Rexburg area. All are welcome to attend classes and workshops either in-person or online at no cost.

There are 18 different courses currently being offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Locations and times vary depending on topic of choice.

Institute is a community of young adults who get together seeking a greater understanding of the world around them through the teachings of Jesus Christ and his everlasting gospel.

Last year, President Russell M. Nelson invited all young adults to attend Institute.

“Attending Institute will help you to feel more of Heavenly Father’s great love for you. Institute will offer you inspiring instructors, faithful friends, and a feeling of belonging,” President Nelson said. “It will help you to see why living the gospel leads to never-ending happiness. Attending Institute will help you to live the gospel and to feel more joy—right now.”

Institute provides a way for you to increase your knowledge of the gospel while receiving college credit. To earn credit for a specific course students must attend at least 75% of classes, complete assigned readings and finish a course assessment.

“We’re not about credit, although we can help with that. That’s not our primary motive,” said Aaron Christensen, a local Institute instructor. “We want you all the time. We want you all to build a place where you have a blast, low pressure and learn and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s really what we’re about.”

For more information, visit the institute website.