Ever wonder what life is like for people of different religions? What they eat, what they do for fun or how they live? So did many other curious students in the Interfaith Leadership Society.

Chiara Loden, communications specialist for the Interfaith Leadership Society and senior at BYU-Idaho, gives us an inside look at what this society is about.

“We just get together, get to know each other, learn about other faiths during the semester and visit at least one of the faiths we’re focusing on,” Loden said. “For instance, we’re focusing on Buddhism, so we’re going to a Buddhist sangha later in the semester.”

Not only is this society focused on learning about other faiths, but it’s also about building relationships with people of different backgrounds, where there may not be another opportunity otherwise.

“It gave me a chance to get out there in a way that I didn’t have the confidence to do on my own. I wasn’t going to look up the Buddhist leader in Pocatello and say ‘Hey can I come to your meeting,’” Loden said, reflecting on her personal experience from when she first joined the society. “But, the society kind of gives a chance to do that with a group of other people and get to know others along the way who are interested in a lot of similar values as you.”

Religion and differing values may be a dividing factor for people. But, this is not always the case.

“There might be things that set us apart, but they can also bring us together if we’ll let them,” Loden said.

Official society activities are twice a month on Wednesday evenings. For more information on how to join, download the I-Belong app and look up Interfaith Leadership Society or show up to an event and scan the QR code provided.