Wednesday evening’s workshop showed an introductory film about the Bahá’í faith with popcorn and drinks. The Interfaith Leadership Society will focus on and offer an in-depth understanding of the Bahá’í religion over the course of the semester.

Upcoming workshops aim for learning outcomes: Learn how to ask questions and engage in dialogue with members of diverse faiths. Later in the semester, students will have the opportunity to visit with members of the Bahá’í faith in Idaho Falls.

The film was made by devout members of the Bahá’í faith and offered an in-depth background of its origin. Attendees actively engaged in a Q&A session following the movie, where students offered insights and questions regarding the religion.

“This is a society that anyone from any major can participate in,” said Logan Weaver, the vice president of the society. “I’ve been serving as an officer for over a year, just helping it grow and trying to promote it to accomplish its mission to help increase religious literacy but also help people develop skills and knowledge so that they, themselves, can be leaders. To build communities, workplaces and families where religious tolerance and understanding is evident.”

The society focuses on helping students develop skills such as collaborating and connecting with members of diverse faiths.

“I feel like there’s value in learning and gaining an increased understanding about people’s beliefs because it helps connect us all more,” said Eli Marron, a sophomore studying business finance. “I feel like the greater connection we have with others — no matter the differences between us — just fosters goodness in the community.”

Workshops are currently held on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in the MC Little Theater. Students can learn more about joining the society here.