“Dive in head first,” said Brett Gilbert.

Gilbert is an international lawyer who works as the Senior Counsel for Nissan and has an extensive history with the Japanese language. He was a partner in various global law firms and helped write the Japanese edition of Preach My Gospel.

Brett Gilbert teaches BYU-I students.

Brett Gilbert teaches BYU-I students.

“Just eat it up — everything you can.” Gilbert said. “Because either that experience will be directly applicable to something that you’re going to need to do later in your life, or it’s going to be a way that you’re able to differentiate yourself in what you do.”

Gilbert met with students on Thursday night to share the lessons he learned from his career. Chuckles rippled across the room when Gilbert started reviewing his career from its simple beginning.

“I started working at Chuck E. Cheese,” said Gilbert. “It was my first job working with kids. It served me really well actually — working with kids — because I have six of them.”

Throughout the course his presentation, Gilbert emphasized the importance of family in our lives.

“I think if you’re desperately trying to prioritize your family … the Lord will help you figure out ways to make that happen,” said Gilbert.

Right before Gilbert began the discussion, Medlir Mema, advisor for the political affairs society on campus and longtime friend of Gilbert, jovially introduced him.

“He’s a wonderful example of being a disciple leader,” said Mema.

The poster used to promote the event.

The poster used to promote the event. Photo credit: Political Science Honor Society

In his closing statements, Gilbert exemplified this status as a disciple leader when he taught students to put the Lord first.

“I want to tell you that I have a strong testimony of the gospel — a strong testimony that putting the Lord first is really important in life,” said Gilbert.

Officers of the Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Affairs) Society Introduce themselves.

Officers of the Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Affairs) Society Introduce themselves. Photo credit: Gabe Mills

The event was hosted by BYU-I’s Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Affairs) Society.

The society’s president, Kimberly Coffman, commented on some aspects she enjoys about Pi Sigma Alpha.

“It’s really great for networking and making friends,” Coffman said.

Vice President Kelly Koncurat, spoke about the guest speaker opportunities that the society offers.

“We try to have two (guest speakers) per semester,” Koncurat said. “We have, already, two or three people that we’re looking at for the winter. So we’ve got lots of cool speakers coming in.”

More information on the society and future guest speakers can be found on I-Belong.