Written by Conner Pearson

Terri Williams, a freshman studying business management, flipped her first flapjack the morning of Saturday, Feb. 24, but it was not for her to eat. In fact, out of the hundred flapjacks she flipped that morning, none of them were for her. She flipped flapjacks for the Florida school shooting victims’ families.

Braxton Bell and Jacob Penrod, both juniors studying business management, put together plates of flapjacks, syrup and bacon as Williams and Jaxon Mathews, a junior studying business management, continued to flip flapjacks. Broderick Dover, a freshman studying business management, piled the prepared plates into a bag and ran out the door to deliver them. All the while, the smell of flapjacks became richer and richer in the Tuscany Place lounge.

People could order flapjacks with chocolate in them. Jaxson Mathews flipped the flapjacks all morning.

These five students are taking an introduction to entrepreneurship class together. They received a project assignment this semester to “sell anything.” Their teacher challenged them to come up with an idea, market it and sell it. Dover said his team chose to cook flapjacks because they are cheap and easy to make.

The team decided they wanted to give something back along with giving something out. They found a GoFundMe page for the families of the victims of the Florida school shooting and decided to give their proceeds to these families.

“We figured that in the light of everything that’s happened, a donation to the families most affected in Florida would be something that people would be down for,” Dover said.

They sent the word out by contacting the managers of apartment complexes. The delivery service was Saturday from 8-11 a.m. Penrod said they received over $600 in donations for these families.

The team said they feel good knowing they can help those affected in Florida in a small way.

“I feel better that we’re doing this for charity rather than profit for us or for the school,” Williams said. “At the end of the day, we can’t do anything to help the people in Florida, but if we can just make pancakes and give the money to them, I feel like we’re contributing to them a little bit.”

The team received over 600 dollars in donations and purchases.
Jacob Penrod kept track of the orders.

One of Penrod’s friends graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year and knew some of the students who were killed. He said he would not have put in the work if this was just an assignment, but knowing that he is helping others has inspired him to do more.

Mathews said doing service and raising money for others always makes him happy.

“We can discuss gun rights and all these controversial issues in the world all we want, but in the end, we’re just one person and there’s not much we can do,” Mathews said. “But in the end when we’re doing stuff like this—raising donations for the people in need—it’s a really great deal.”

Even though the last flapjack has been flipped for Florida in Rexburg, those interested in donating to the cause can donate to the Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund on gofundme.com. The charity has raised over $2 million since Feb. 15.