The Jacob Spori Gallery opens a Student Art Show on June 29 that will include the art pieces of students majoring, minoring or receiving a cluster in art.

The Art Department organizes the event every fourth semester in order to display and share the work of students. Doing so prepares students for their future careers and gives the opportunity to exhibit in a professional gallery.

“The first thing is that there is a due date and people need to learn how to meet deadlines,” said Rich Briggs, an art professor. “There is a deadline to produce a piece of quality work and put on the pedestal for people to look at it.”

This event allows students, community members and professors to meet casually and see different types of media in one place.

Students apply with four pieces in any category of ceramics, drawing, graphic design, illustration, sculpture and other. The professors of the specific areas will go through the pieces, judge them and choose the winners.

“The exhibit is a little glimpse of the classrooms,” said Kyoung DaBell, a Spori Art Gallery curator. “The artwork that we’re displaying here I’m assuming was created in the classrooms and represents the concepts students learned. It is a chance for students’ work to see the world.”

Everyone is invited to attend. Previous knowledge of art is not necessary.

“There is something for everyone,” said Ammon Foiles, a sophomore studying art. “If you don’t know art already, it’s a good start.”