BYU-Idaho students Kendalyn Bingham, Sarah Jarvis and Miranda Price run the barn dance hall known as The Jarvis Barn. Together, they share the responsibility of hosting the weekly dances.

According to their Instagram, it is free for all BYU-I students and their friends who are looking for an affordable place to swing dance and socialize. The dance is held weekly from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, and the address can be requested by messaging their Instagram directly.

Guests are welcome to come regardless of their level of experience with swing dancing. One student said the barn is a judgment-free zone. Students may choose not to dance if they prefer.

Bingham and Price willingly offer free swing lessons at the event to students who want to learn and they encourage everyone interested in dancing to learn from each other. Refreshments and hot chocolate are also provided.

The inspiration for The Jarvis Barn started with Daniel Jarvis, the son of the owners, asking Price on a swing dancing date. During the date, they observed that the place was crowded. They also realized that many venues can be expensive if a couple wanted to swing dance and eat out afterwards.

From left to right: Miranda Price, Sarah Jarvis and Kendalyn Bingham.

From left to right: Miranda Price, Sarah Jarvis and Kendalyn Bingham. Photo credit: The Jarvis Barn

Jarvis and Price started to invite some friends to swing dance at the family barn. Everyone that came really enjoyed learning to swing dance in the less crowded barn. They decided to make it a regular meeting each week.

Trevor Watkins, who is majoring in physics, was asked how he heard about The Jarvis Barn.

“One of the sisters in my FHE group told me about it,” Watkins said.

Over time, Jarvis, Price and Bingham invited more of their friends and the friends of their friends to come enjoy the informal social gathering.

“A lot of people are super appreciative … at just having the ability to come to dance for free,” Bingham said. “I’m grateful that it’s free, because when I go to other places … I don’t even dance. Here, it’s like I can come, not have the stress of money, especially being a corporate college student.

While Jarvis isn’t currently managing the event, his parents still allow Price and Bingham to host the dances at the barn each week.

Visit this link to learn more about The Jarvis Barn.