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Joe Biden’s campaign policies and promises

With what’s been called one of the “most important elections” right around the corner, Americans are looking at important issues in order to decide how they’ll vote. Here’s a quick glance at where candidate Joe Biden stands on some of the United State’s issues.


According to Biden’s website, he has a seven-step plan for defeating the pandemic. He plans to give Americans better access to testing, focus on producing critical supplies and provide guidance and resources to communities. He says he will plan for the effective and fair distribution of the eventual vaccine, protect Americans that are high-risk, rebuild and expand defenses against these kinds of threats and implement mask mandates nationwide.


In the recent debate, Biden stated that he wants to overhaul the Affordable Care Act, not just replace it. According to his website, he will “build on the Affordable Care Act by giving Americans more choice, reducing health care costs, and making our health care system less complex to navigate.”


Biden plans to create millions of new jobs and give America’s working-class the opportunity to “build back better,” especially after the recession caused by COVID-19.

His website says that building back the economy has to start by dealing with the pandemic. Biden says he will provide relief for working families, small businesses and communities.


Biden has plans to “modernize America’s immigration system,” according to his campaign site. He championed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans programs.

He plans to reverse policies that separate children at the border, end Trump’s asylum policies, end the national immigration emergency and protect DREAMers.

Criminal Justice

Biden said in the debates that he doesn’t support defunding the police, but he does support reform.

His website states that “our criminal justice system cannot be just unless we root out the racial, gender, and income-based disparities in the system,” and it lays out values that the campaign operates off of.

Climate Change

Biden mentioned during the debate that the planet will be at the point of no return in seven years unless we focus on reversing climate change now. He has a plan for taking the U.S. to a 100% clean energy economy and net-zero emissions by 2050.


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