Bored with nothing to do? Find activity ideas and coupons for local businesses through the newly developed Amigoes App.

Amigoes, a new company in Rexburg, recently launched an app as a way for small businesses in the area to have a free digital marketing platform, and for students to find fun activities to participate in.

Some of the features of the app include a page to browse local activities, a chat system to communicate with friends, downloadable coupons for various activities or local eateries, a calendar to schedule events of interest and an option to create custom activities to share with friends.

Business owners interested in the app can provide their information to Amigoes to be featured. They also have the option to link a coupon to their advertised business to drive more traffic to their activities.

Colin Cardenaz is the CEO and creative mind behind Amigoes. Former owner of a restaurant called Café Terras, Cardenaz faced many of the pains and struggles that come with owning a small business and funding the needed digital marketing for that business.

From this experience, Cardenaz thought there should be an easier, more affordable way for small businesses to do digital marketing, and there the idea of Amigoes began. After five years of developing and polishing his ideas, Cardenaz found his first investor on Dec. 31, 2020.

With this newly found investor, Cardenaz decided to drop out of his enrollment at BYU-Idaho so he could focus all his energy and time on his company.

Cardenaz started working with a Ukrainian development team to create the app, but in February 2022 this business relationship came to an unfortunate end due to the Russia-Ukraine War.

Determined to follow through with his ambitions, Cardenaz found a new investor for his company and a development team out of India. He is now working to grow his team and spread the word about the Amigoes App and company.

“I was working at Soapbox Agency as a Senior Project Manager when Colin told me about his idea,” said Alisher KHarvey, BYU-I alumni and co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Amigoes. “I felt that it was a perfect opportunity for me to use my international business, project management and operating skills since Amigoes has a tremendous potential.”

To download the Amigoes App for Apple users click here. For Android, click here.