The 2016 softball players at BYU-Idaho are determined to keep softball going for future semesters by telling friends about the fast paced, competitive and fun atmosphere.

“Last spring, BYU-I did not have a season because not enough girls showed up to try out,” said Ashlyn Davis, a sophomore studying psychology.

Brook Loesch, a freshman studying exercise physiology, said the softball coordinator, Katie Drasso, is doing a great job spreading the word.

Loesch said next year they should tell people about softball earlier to get more girls to come play.

“The girls’ determination and love for the game is also what keeps it going,” Loesch said.

She said keeping the excitement and having the girls from this season play next season will also help keep softball a competitive sport next year.

Loesch said finding special girls who have the desire to play is key.

“This season, it is fast, more intense and more fun,” Davis said.

Davis said people came to compete and that people have a different mind-set this semester.

“It’s more competitive this season,” said Erin Yarn, a senior studying accounting.

Yarn said it was like high school softball, from the practices to the games.

She said it was fun and that they can still play around, but how everyone takes it seriously.

“People think that since it’s BYU-I, sports are not taken seriously,” said Rose Cisar, a freshman studying animal science.

Cisar said when people care about the sport, they play better and harder.

“It’s nice to have players that know what they are doing because it makes it more competitive, but new players really balance it out and make it a new experience for everyone,” Yarn said.

Cisar said softball is a good outlet away from school.

During practice on Monday, the girls were working on game-like situations. They were taking it seriously but were having fun being with each other.

“Fast pitch softball requires more hand-eye coordination, and is a quick-paced game,” said Katie Drasso the softball coordinator and a sophomore majoring in general studies said.

Drasso said that it requires more talent, but that this season a lot of skilled players came out to play.

“Softball is one of the few team sports that focuses on personal growth and team growth,” according to