Donald Kelly gave his Final Address on Tuesday, March 23rd on a special on I~NEWS.

Kelly geared his talk to the “small minority of students who questioned the SRC’s effectiveness.”

The rest of the speech was about the major accomplishments of the Student Representative Council.

Some of the achievments that Kelly mentioned included placing a handicap door in the John Taylor building, working with the city on resolving issues on towing and booting and have helped improve the internship program on campus.

Kelly then addressed the idea of how the SRC works.

“I have been asked over and over again, ‘How much power does the SRC have?’,” said Kelly. “My typical answer has been that the SRC has no power. In any democracy, the power comes from the voice of the people.”

Kelly then referenced some of the projects, including new recycling programs, that the students presented to the SRC.

The whole talk can be found on WWW.BYUICOMM.NET