The quarter-finals of the men’s basketball tournament began on Friday night at the BYU-I Center at 6 p.m. The Spartans faced off against the Knights.

The first quarter began with the Knights taking an early lead.

The Knights’ sharpshooting put them up 8-3 right off the bat. The Spartans pushed back and eventually tied it up at 13-13, forcing a Knights’ timeout. The Knights ended the first quarter with a layup by Bronx Holbrook to put them up 21-20.

In the second quarter, the Spartans’ defense forced the Knights into several shot clock violations. The first half ended with the Spartans leading 41-37.

In the third quarter, the two teams continued to exchange buckets. The Spartans went on a 10-0 run before the Knights answered with a run of their own, putting the scores at 54-53 Spartans.

The Knights managed to end the third quarter leading 63-59.

“I think it was just the occasion,” Taggart Chandler said. “Coach and my teammates trusted me with hitting these tough shots with this much pressure, so it was a good feeling to see them go in and help us out”

In the final quarter, the Knights’ defense included a two-hand block from power forward Karson Lloyd, who grabbed the ball and slung it upcourt to the streaking Bronx Holbrook for an easy layup.

The fast-paced counter-attacking proved to be the downfall of the Spartans, who found themselves down 79-73. With their opponents in foul trouble, the Knights managed the game clock and hit their free throws, advancing to the semifinals with an 87-77 win.

“Coach told us to be smart, told us not to make any rash decisions, and that we would win if we just kept a cool head,” said Zachary Richins, a Knights player. “I think that was the difference between us and them. We were calm and they were trying to force it so much.”

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