Last Poet Standing continues with ‘Valentine’s Day‘ theme


Eleven contestants participated in the Valentine’s Day theme of “Last Poet Standing” on Feb. 14.

Both Gregory Barker, a sophomore studying psychology, and Jackie Argyle, a sophomore studying English, were given immunity for this week’s round.

Barker’s poem was dedicated to the seven female poets in the competition, and Argyle based her poem on feelings for her “crush,” Steven Duncan, a sophomore studying general science and a contestant for Last Poet Standing.

“My intent was that of praise and appreciation. We have some great poets, and I thought they should know it,” Barker said.

After the readings, audience members submitted their votes via text message. The audience’s votes were combined with judges’ scores.

Next week’s theme will be based on the book “Mysteries of Harris Burdick.” Each contestant’s poem will be based on a scene from the book.