The BYU-Idaho men’s competitive basketball season began this past week with the first games starting at 6:00 p.m. on Friday at the BYU-Idaho Center. The Bruins, dressed in blue, faced the yellow-clad Wolverines.

The game tipped off and the Wolverines had first possession. The game started with the two teams scoring back and forth. With both teams scoring their first two possessions, the score sat at 5-4 — advantage Bruins.

A three-pointer from Bruins’ shooting guard, Jayden Reinhart, forced a Wolverines timeout. Following the timeout, the two teams continued to battle, working hard on both sides of the ball. The defenses came up with blocks to end the first quarter. The Wolverines were up 10-9.

In the second quarter, the Bruins retook the lead with a three-point shot from the corner made by Jared Taylor. The score was 18-17.

The Bruins maintained their lead. A layup through contact and a converted free throw by Zachary Stoner, the Bruins controlled the score at 25-21.

The first half concluded with the Bruins up 34-29.

The Wolverines scored four consecutive possessions at the beginning of the third quarter. The Bruins fought back before a block by Wolverines’, Ethan Nielsen, quickly resorted to a long pass to the corner where Luke Gurney scored.

Time slipped away in the third quarter and both teams’ offenses found success.

The Wolverines sat in the lead, 54-53, going into the last eight minutes.

In the final quarter of the game, both teams fought to get their first win of the season. The two offenses remained effective, and each team scored on multiple consecutive possessions.

The score was 66-66 when the Bruins forced a shot clock violation. After gaining possession of the ball, the Bruins converted from behind the arc and went up three points with just 30 seconds on the clock. A quick reply from the Wolverines’, Logan Gurney, made it a one-point game.

On the next possession, the Bruins made one of their two free throws, gaining a one-point lead with 23 seconds left. The Bruins prevented the Wolverines from scoring and the buzzer echoed across the gym.

Game over and the Bruins won, but not quite.

The shot clock and game clock had a 1.2-second difference. The Bruins coach celebrating on the court resulted in a technical foul for the Wolverines. The first free throw went up and swished, 69-69. With one shot left to win the game for the Wolverines, the last free throw went up and in.

Game over and the Wolverines won, 70-69.

“I make free throws in practice all day, so this was just like practice for me,” Ru Ding, Wolverines guard said. “I tried not to overthink it.

The Wolverines celebrated and embraced each other after the win. The coach congratulated the players on their win.

“It was a controversial call at the end,” said Isaac Mcgonigal, the Wolverines coach and a junior studying manufacturing and engineering. “I believe it was the right one, but controversial for sure. I’m glad we got the win — the guys worked hard for it.”

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