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Every Tuesday the Youtube creators workshop teaches students how to run their own channel and create content they’re passionate about.

The Youtube creators workshop takes place every Tuesday at 7 p.m in the Smith building.

According to the school’s talent activities page, over 15 workshops are offered throughout the week.

Dallin Candland, a freshman studying business management, created the workshop two semesters ago and teaches every week.

Candland started his Youtube channel in 2012 with some of his younger siblings, cousins, and friends. He created content about games like Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart.

Candland originally planned to not run his Youtube channel in college but he was prompted otherwise in his Studying Life Skills class.

“All of a sudden it was like someone opened my head and started pouring ideas,” Candland said.

After talking to the Student Activities center, Candland drafted ideas and created the workshop.

During the hour-long workshop, Candland discussed tips to get more traffic on a channel, cameras to use, profile descriptions and how to plan and schedule content.

Participants are also asked to apply principles they learned that day to their channels. They often displayed their channels to get feedback and advice from other members.

The members ranged from seasoned creators to people with no experience on Youtube. Candland enthusiastically welcomed new members no matter the experience level.

Vitali Karmanov, a sophomore studying software engineering, runs a Youtube channel with his wife Sofia called Alcanza Tu Estrella.

Vitali met his wife Sofia, a sophomore studying international studies, in the Pathway program and they have since realized they could do something to help students from other countries.

Their channel offers tips and information about the school in different languages like Spanish for international students.

“We kinda wanted to get that message out and help people reach their dreams,” Sofia said.

They both enjoyed the diversity of content ranging from gaming, lifestyle and even science.

The Youtube creators workshop is part of a list of other activities being offered like an A Capella or writers workshop.

For more information on these workshops visit the school’s talent activity page.

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