Dungeons & Dragons has surged in popularity at BYU-Idaho after being approved on Feb. 24 for Game Night in the Manwaring Center

Kameron Mikesell, a senior studying psychology, walked through the Manwaring Center on a Wednesday night four semesters ago, looking at all the games students were playing. He asked if he could play a role-playing game involving characters traveling in strange lands. The administration gave him permission to do so, and such was the start of D&D Night.

Dungeons & Dragons is an interactive game that consists of players, characters sheets and voice acting. The students that attend create characters in a fictional world called “The Hold,” the central town for all members to meet and go on their adventures around the world and universe.

Caleb Willden, a junior studying software engineering, said his favorite character to play is an old sorcerer named Adrius who travels with many adventurers, helping each with their own troubles in life.

“I remember the time when a caravan came and they forgot to tell him they were robbers on a quest, so he started helping the people the robbers were attacking, since he was misinformed, making the game very fun,” Willden said.

Players can create their character by choosing their race, class, such as a hunter or a priest, background, personality traits according to what best fits the player.

“I’ve only been playing D&D for a year, and it’s been really fun,” said Arturo Aguila, a senior studying software engineering.

Dungeons & Dragons has adventures taking the player’s places at the will and call of the dungeon master. One moment, players can be talking about their travels and getting to know each other more, then a den of wolves will pop out and attack the group, causing retaliation. Anything can happen within the imagination of the players.

“Dungeons and Dragons is not just paper and pens, it’s an interactive story involving other people, and if you like that kind of thing, you’ll fit in perfectly here,” Mikesell said.

Mikesell said he prefers his experiences as a dungeon master, or DM, over a player.

“I love being everybody more than one person. It allows me to be more variant and expressive than one,” he said.

Dungeons & Dragons Game Night takes place in the Manwaring Center on Wednesday nights starting at 6 p.m. if you would like to create a character, or 7 p.m. if you want to just jump into a game.