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The United States has been a symbol of freedom for the entire world since the beginning of its time. Nations have followed the United States path to establish freedom. But it comes at a cost, and we often hear the phrase “freedom is not free.” I have been reminded greatly of this while watching the media’s coverage of Maj. Brent Taylor who was killed in Afghanistan this month.

Maj. Taylor’s sacrifice was just one of the nearly 1.5 million estimated American deaths since the Revolutionary War. I think to me what was so fascinating is Maj. Taylor gave his life for not only the freedom of the Americans but for the freedom of those in Afghanistan. In his last Facebook post Maj. Taylor said:

While the election season has passed, I hope to fulfill Maj. Taylor’s final wish and remember my freedom living in America. Our freedoms are under attack every day, but we can stand like Maj. Taylor and his friend Lt. Kefayatullah. While not everyone will sacrifice their lives in fighting for freedom there are ways we can play a role in this mission to stand for freedom.

In The Book of Mormon there is a man named Moroni who raises a banner commonly known as the title of liberty who reminds us the importance of freedom. He also reminded us what we must do to posses that freedom promised to those who follow Christ’s teachings.

Moroni wrote on his title of liberty, “In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children — and he fastened it upon the end of a pole.”

So let us all follow the examples of those before us. Let us remember Christ in our daily lives. Let us follow Moroni’s example to let freedom spread throughout all the lands so we can worship how, where or what we may. Let us follow Maj. Taylor’s example to us of service toward others and standing for what we believe as true so freedom can go around the world.

Just as Maj. Taylor quoted from Thucydides, “the secret to happiness is freedom,” this freedom allows me to worship my Father in Heaven how I wish. Allowing all to follow their own beliefs. So lets go and stand for freedom, whether it be serving in the army, voting, serving in government or speaking what we believe.

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