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Deep in the belly of the John W. Hart building lies the Wellness Center, home of the Fit for Life program and other healthrelated activities. There is an event that will pique the interests of anyone and everyone wanting to get fit… for life.

Fit for Life is a personal training program that helps students reach personal fitness and health goals. The goal of the program is to change people’s lives by helping them become healthy.

It incorporates all aspects of their health including a meal plan, weight loss and muscle gain. It offers a health consultation with their own trainer.

The program also offers a nutrition consultation, which is a whole lesson about nutrition, emotional health and the student’s own environmental health.

Fit for Life offers personal trainers, a workout template for student goals and the free InBody exam for clients. The InBody composition measures the fat and muscle on the body and where is its location. Knowing this can help individuals make changes.

“Weight has been a problem for me,” said Benjamin Goodman. who is studying nursing. “I had surgery in December and my activity level really fell by the wayside. I broke 250 pounds the day after Christmas and actually had a good friend tell about Fit For Life. I figured it would be the best thing to help me get my strength back and reach a goal of getting below 200 pounds. I’m currently in my second week of doing it, and I have noticed my mental state getting better.”

There is no deadline to get going. Anybody can start doing this throughout the semester. A QR code can be found on the website. Scan it with your phone and fill out a questionnaire.

Fit for Life helps the person trying to achieve their own personal goals. Start the new year on the right foot, kick it hard, and apply those new year’s resolutions that were created three years ago. Sign up in the Hart building or click here at

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