Let’s have a conversation about sexual assault

The event will take place in the Taylor cultural hall. Photo credit: Megan Chatterley

On Nov. 29, BYU-Idaho sent out an official notice inviting students to participate in a conversation with BYU-Idaho Title IX Coordinator Nick Rammell about sexual assault. Students, faculty and staff can meet for this event on Dec. 1, from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in the Taylor Cultural Hall.

Students can submit questions anonymously through an online survey or asking at the event. According to the email, the topics that will be discussed are:

— What to report, how to report, and where to report.

— Whether there are protections in place for those who report or witness an assault.

— Dating safety and apps.

— Healthy relationships in dating and marriage.

— Consent, boundaries, etc.

— The relationship between the Title IX Office, local Church leaders, local police, and the Student Honor Office.

— Resources and support available on campus.

Emma Taylor, a sophomore studying English, plans on attending the event in hopes of getting answers to many of the questions she has.

“I feel like so many members at our school get left in the dark about sex,” Taylor said. “This isn’t a conversation that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints should have to have. But the reality is that students get raped here, and it shouldn’t happen.”

Taylor and other students have questions about sexual assault and BYU-I’s process in handling these cases. Some of those questions were answered by Rammell in an article from Scroll in May.

“I have always heard that you can get kicked out for reporting, and I just learned that that’s just not true,” Taylor said.

The notice stated that this will be “the second event in a series of critical conversations about sexual assault and related issues, with three events to be held during the Winter 2022 Semester.”

Resources for BYU-I students about this topic include the following:

— Nick Rammell, the Title IX coordinator: 290 Spencer W. Kimball Administrative Building, 208-496-9209, rammelln@byui.edu.

— Emily Brumbaugh, sexual assault support counselor: BYU-I Counseling Center, 285 Student Health Center, 208-496-9370, brumbaughe@byui.edu.

BYU-I’s policy on sexual misconduct.

— The RAINN website for hotlines and crisis help.