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By Scroll Reporter Aaron Thompson

The David O. McKay Library unveiled its “Blind Date with a Book” display on Feb. 4. The display is stationed on the first floor of the library between the east and west wings.

“Our blind date with a book display is up and it looks awesome,” said Holly Green, an associate university librarian. “I have to say it turned out really well.”

Green said the event will give students the opportunity to test out their blind dating skills on random books. Participants will choose a genre and be given a sealed book from that category to take home and read.

Students walking past the display will see two large displays of brown paper-wrapped books with red and pink decorations. On the first display are instructions to help make the date a special one: “Check out this book, take it home, and unwrap it. Show it your favorite spots to read. Get to know each other. If you hit it off, introduce it to your friends!”

Each of these book covers gives the genre of the book, the bar code for checking it out, and one or two quotes from those who have read the book. The descriptions are specific enough to give students an idea of what the book is and whether or not they would enjoy it without giving away its identity.

One of these books, covered in a red, pink and white heart, was marked in the American history genre and had one descriptive quote written in all caps with a black sharpie: “Part narrative, part travelogue, and part environmental plea.” Behind the wrapping was Selling your Father’s Bones, a historical account of the Nez Perce Native American tribe and their struggles


The display is part of a long history of themed displays meant to promote book reading and library usage. In the past, the library has put on displays centered around Star Wars books, Harry Potter and other popular book series and genres. Some of these displays brought with them additional events and giveaways, such as the Harry Potter event that included printing off an acceptance letter at the library on the Grandin Press, a themed scavenger hunt and 3D printing plastic wizarding wands.

Additional information about this and other library events can be found here or at the McKay Library online calendar.

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