Psychology student Danyon Heacock discovered his passion for videography during a mission trip to Mongolia, where he found his calling for visual storytelling. Since then, he has been self-taught and has created videos for various events and companies.

Currently, he specializes in creating short-form media videos on Instagram for summer sales companies and the Presentation Practice Center.

Danyon Setting up soft box light for product closeups

Danyon Setting up soft box light for product closeups Photo credit: Chester Chan

Heacock’s creative vision led him to establish the Paracosm Festival.

“Paracosm is an imaginary world that you create in your mind where you spend a lot of your time when you’re in thought, think of it as an alternate universe,” Heacock said when asked what inspired the name of the festival. “I named it that because I’m constantly daydreaming about scenarios that could happen.”

It began as a five-minute short film he shared with his dorm mates, which eventually expanded to a 20-minute short film attended by 50 people in the following year. Last year, he rented out the Paramount Theater, where he had 90 people in attendance. The festival takes place annually in April, a week before finals.

The festival features three or four short films per year, all of which are dramas that evoke emotional responses from the audience. Heacock plans to involve more people in the festival and hopes to receive more short film submissions. He invites people to the festival through Instagram, where he aims to grow a following.

Danyon shooting a smoothie ad with model Kaitlyn Hampton

Danyon shooting a smoothie ad with model Kaitlyn Hampton Photo credit: Chester Chan

Inspired by his father’s words — if you have the chance to improve something, you are obligated to do so — Heacock wants to make the festival the best it can be despite the cost. He believes it is essential to provide people with a memorable experience.

Heacock’s passion for videography and storytelling has led him down a different career path from what he initially planned. Rather than becoming an elementary school counselor or law teacher, he aspires to become a videographer.

Heacock’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and hard work, which can lead to unexpected and fulfilling paths.

According to the aspiring videographer, it is essential to love what you do and the rest will follow. He intends to continue growing his skills and finding ways to tell stories that inspire and move people.