Like a blush spreading across eager cheeks, the self-proclaimed indie rock band Blush hopes to ignite a fervor with their infectious vibes and heartfelt tunes.

Though the paint is still fresh on their musical canvas having formed a mere two months ago, Blush’s first performance was filled with turning heads and captured hearts with their sound and compelling backstory.

Stino Jones, lead vocalist of Blush performing at the Cedars womens apartments

Stino Jones, lead vocalist of Blush performing at the Cedars womens apartments. Photo credit: Chester Chan

Blush is comprised of four musicians — Marcus Raddon on lead guitar and vocals, Stino Jones on rhythm guitar and vocals, Preston Coover on bass and Jonah Weatherston on drums.

Their journey began in a serendipitous manner, rooted in a shared love for music and a desire to create something meaningful.

Blush is assembled by a cast of 4 friends

Blush is assembled by a cast of four friends. Photo credit: Chester Chan

Raddon, whose musical journey began with the bass, switched to guitar, finding his true calling in lead guitar and vocals.

“I play guitar most of the time, lead guitar, but I also play bass. Bass was my first instrument but kind of switch between guitar and bass now,” Raddon said.

Jones, who complements Marcus with his rhythm guitar and vocal prowess, added:

“We wanted the name to not be too out there… We wanted to be a little bit more chill, a little bit more indie. So Blush just kind of fit with that.”

Raddon and Jones met three years ago in another band, The Drive-In, during a chance encounter at the Nauvoo apartments. Raddon reminisced their meeting.

Blush's first concert gathered a crowd at the womens' Cedars building

Blush's first concert gathered a crowd at the womens' Cedars building. Photo credit: Chester Chan

“There was a vacant apartment that they’d be playing in, so I just joined them one day. And then that band kind of happened and then broke up,” Jones said.

After the disbandment of The Drive-In, Raddon and Jones knew they wanted to continue making music together. Their determination only grew stronger when Raddon served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a hiatus that tested their patience but solidified their resolve. Upon his return, they reconnected with renewed vigor.

Coover, the bassist, entered the picture as a roommate. He began learning the bass around the same time Jones was picking up the guitar. Coover’s musical background is eclectic, with roots in classical piano and jazz bassoon, which adds a unique flavor to the band’s sound.

Blush describes their genre as a mix of loverboy rock with a hint of indie charm.

Their name, Blush, was inspired by a simple yet striking moment as Jones recalls the story.

Funny signs from adoring fans

Funny signs from adoring fans. Photo credit: Chester Chan

“I was just like, looking at a set of different colors. And I saw blush pink and I was like, ooh… that’s just kind of cool, that stands out.”

Despite being a relatively new band, Blush has already performed live and has more shows lined up. Their first live performance was last weekend.

Blush will be performing at Battle of the Bands in Idaho Falls on Saturday, followed by a performance at Venue 101 in Rexburg on June 22.

Blush can be seen practing their tunes from the level 1mens cedars apartment facing Hemming Village

Blush can be seen practicing their tunes from the level one mens' Cedars apartment facing Hemming Village. Photo credit: Chester Chan

While Blush is focused on the present, they are also thinking about the future. Recording their music and getting it on streaming platforms is high on their agenda.

“We definitely want to start recording and getting our stuff on all the platforms —Spotify, SoundCloud,” Raddon said.

The band is also keen on creating merchandise, a move that not only promotes their brand but also allows fans to show their support.

Their collaborative approach to songwriting is another strength. While Jones and Raddon take the lead, the process is inclusive and dynamic. Jones describes their method as a team effort.

With their eyes set on more performances, recording sessions and merchandise, Blush hopes to poise themself to leave a lasting impact on the local music scene.

Stay tuned for more performances throughout the summer

Stay tuned for more performances throughout the summer Photo credit: Chester Chan

Whether one is a fan of indie rock or simply enjoys seeing new talent emerge, Blush hopes to offer something special. To follow Blush’s journey, visit their Instagram.

When asked for a closing remark, Jones comments:

“If you’re not dancing, you’re getting kicked out.”