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Do you find yourself staring at the ceiling and reflecting on how your college experience isn’t what you thought it would be? Spice up your weekend by checking out The National Parks, the Utah-native music group, May 10. Their tunes will fill the John W. Hart Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

“We’ve always loved playing in Rexburg,” said Brady Parks, the lead vocalist.

It brings a nostalgic feeling for the band as they remember the first time they took the trip to Rexburg.

“It was a big step for us as a band, as it was our first time playing outside of Utah,” Parks said. “Rexburg is a town that’s filled with people that love music and love supporting bands. It’s a magical place, and we’ll always keep coming back.”

Performing in Rexburg isn’t just memorable for the band members, but for BYU-Idaho student’s as well.

“The National Parks truly have a way to connect with the audience and I love that,” said Nikki Andrew, a BYU-Idaho alumna who graduated in Food Science. “I’m excited to see them again this week!”

Parks formed the band six years ago and has always had a love for music. He started performing at open mics after his return from his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Brazil. He eventually met Sydney MacFarlene.

“We started jamming and had an instant musical connection,” Parks said.

This was the start of a brand new journey. They met future band members, Megan Parks and Cam Branelly, through mutual friends and have become a family. Since then, they have received several significant titles. In 2016, they were named Utah’s “Band of the Year” according to Salt Lake City Weekly magazine.

The music of The National Parks falls under the pop-folk genre. Parks enjoys folk music because of the way he connects with it.

“I feel like folk music has a lot of depth and has the ability to transport me to a different place,” Parks said.

With the music in place, they needed a meaningful band name. Their band name doesn’t only stem from the name of their lead singer. The National Parks’ music talks a lot about nature, love, life and spirituality.

“The name National Parks was a perfect fit for us that seemed to encompass out love for the outdoors and the vibe of our music,” Parks said.

The National Parks’ goal is to create music that encourages others, especially during hard times.

“We want our music to be something that can help uplift others and help them through challenges and difficulties,” Parks said. “Music is a powerful thing, and we hope ours can be impactful for good in peoples’ lives.”

The National Parks has a lot of new things in the works. They are currently writing new music and setting up more tours around the country.

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