Loon: A One-Woman Performance About Love and Loss


“The theatre company ‘Wonderheads’ came to BYU-Idaho to put on the Loon production this past weekend,” said Scroll Digital Reporter James T. Richards.

“After Andrew Phoenix and Kate Braidwood’s first show about the grim reaper, they decided to create a show about love.”

Andrew Phoenix, Co-Head and of “The Wonderheads” said, “we wanted to find out how we could create a show with a solo performer and what they would fall in love with and who they would fall in love with, and that is how we came with the idea for the moon.”

Phoenix continued, “I get to watch Kate’s performance every single time, and I still haven’t grown tired of the show.”

“The show is about a single balding man named Francis and his journey of self-discovery while falling in love with the moon,” said Richards. “Kate Braidwood is the performer inside the mask.”

When asked about the conditions of the mask, Kate Braidwood, the other Co-Head of “The Wonderheads” said,“Wearing the mask that long is hot and sweaty.”

“It’s both a really poignant journey but also a funny one, so if they laugh, if they cry, if they go through all of those emotions, that’s the best thing that I can ask for.”

Alexandra Halterman, Theater Studies, Senior observed, “it’s wonderful to see a story without all the dialogue.”

Richards remarked, “it’s a show of pantomime and even some ppetry.”

Halterman continued, “I want to know how he did the little levitation with the little moon.”

Ronnie Newton, Geology Major concluded, “I learned that you just have to find ways to make yourself happy.”

“Loon was a success at BYU-Idaho. In the snow drama theater, James T. Richards, Scroll Digital,” said Richards

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