The Joseph Fielding Smith Building on the BYU-Idaho campus has a new resident — the IBC company Mac Dad. This business calls the main lobby of the building its home.

“We are a fun-loving company that handcrafts experiences one cup of mac at a time,” said Luke Wonnacott Chief Executive Officer of Mac Dad. “Our motto is definitely go and do, and ask for forgiveness later.”

Mac Dad sells macaroni and cheese products in three different forms, the Mac Baby, the Mac Mom and the Mac Dad.

“The Mac Baby is a little snack cup. The Mac Mom is if you want that grilled cheese style with mac and cheese. Then the Mac Dad, which is a bread bowl with garlic butter and cheese on that bread bowl,” said Keston Vernon in operations for the company.

Mac Dad in Smith Building.

Mac Dad in Smith Building. Photo credit: Olivia Grayson

The portions for the Mac Mom and Mac Dad are larger than that of the Mac Baby. The Mac Baby is designed for a quick snack in between classes.

“The pricing ranges from $3.99 with Mango Lassi being the cheapest to the Mac Dad which is $8.99,” Vernon said.

The other options, the Mac Baby and Mac Mom are priced at $4.99 and $6.99 respectively.

Toppings are offered to elevate the macaroni and cheese experience with a range of toppings, from buffalo sauce to bacon bits and barbecue ranch bacon chicken.

Mac Dad in Smith Building.

Mac Dad in Smith Building. Photo credit: Olivia Grayson

Many of these sauces and smaller toppings can be added to the dish at no extra cost.

“The newer stuff that’s a bit more hearty, like the meats and the Flaming Hot Cheetos, cost from $.50 to $1.49 more,” Vernon said.

Mac Dad is open from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Mac Dad is currently looking to expand its business outside of the Smith building. It is considering catering events and expanding to different satellite locations on campus.

“We actually do sell pans of our mac and cheese to teachers or other people who want them. That’s about $25 but if you want a full big pan of mac and cheese you can just take it with you and eat over a couple of days, we do that too,” Vernon said.

Vernon explained that Mac Dad does not want to be a typical IBC company. It wants to stand out for its quality and unique atmosphere.

Mac Dad in Smith Building.

Mac Dad in Smith Building. Photo credit: Olivia Grayson

“We’re offering them a fun experience, but also really tasty food. This isn’t like Kraft mac and cheese,” Vernon said. “What we create is something new, something delicious, something that makes your mouth water.”

Quality is Mac Dad’s biggest focus when making a food product for the students on campus. Its purpose and hope is to benefit BYU-I students and faculty.

“We are here and we are dedicated to making the best product the best food for you guys,” Vernon said. “We want you to leave happy. When you leave Mac Dad, it should be with a smile on your face and feeling like you’re part of the family.”

Check out their Instagram for additional information.