Madison Cares is a non-profit organization based in Madison County, Idaho, that provides essential services to community members in need. Founded in 2009, the organization serves as the mental health department for the county. They provide mental health support and services for all students and residents of the county.

Madison Cares supports individual students facing mental and emotional health challenges that affect their social and academic performance, as well as social skills groups for elementary and middle school students.

In addition to mental health support within schools, Madison Cares offers early childhood services and holds community events aimed at promoting inclusion and connectedness. Students can be referred to Madison Cares by school administrators, teachers, parents, guardians or community-based professionals. The school district allows Madison Cares to offer all of these services at no charge.

Madison Cares also provides counseling services to community members struggling with mental health issues. The organization’s licensed therapists offer individual, family and group therapy sessions to help clients improve their mental health and overall well-being.

For more available resources check out Madison Cares’ website.

One of the organization’s most significant accomplishments is its creation of systems of care.