On Tuesday, Madison County Emergency Management encouraged county residents to prepare for spring flooding.

The following is a press release from Madison County Emergency Manager Robert E. Kohler.

Madison County Emergency Management encourages the residents of Madison County to be prepared for possible flooding as a result of melting snow and rainstorms in the next few weeks. Madison County maintains a stock of sandbags for emergency use, and Emergency Management has been working with volunteer groups to prefill and preposition sandbags where needed. If you are experiencing flooding that impacts your residence, please contact Madison County 911.

We encourage residents that are not in immediate danger, and are concerned that they might flood, to purchase their own sandbags, which are available from multiple vendors in our area. Sand will be made available during regular business hours for those desiring to fill their own sandbags. City residents may call City Hall at 208-359-3020 to arrange a time, and County Residents may call Emergency Management at 208-359-3010 to arrange a time.

“We are grateful for the moisture that our region has received, but, as always, we encourage our residents to be prepared for whatever emergency they might face,” said Robert Kohler, Madison County Emergency Manager. “We are taking steps to assist our residents in preparing for whatever runoff we see.”

If residents are experiencing flood damage, they should call 911.

The full press release can be found here. Madison County residents can also submit a report to Emergency Management by scanning the QR code on the press release and filling out a short survey.