A Madison County man was charged with felony second-degree arson after he set a barn on fire on July 11.

According to the probable cause statement, a Madison Sheriff’s Office detective arrived at the scene of a burnt barn on July 11 and observed multiple burn points that appeared to have been intentionally made by a torch. He described the burn points as 5-6 feet high and within a foot of the ground.

The detective observed video footage from multiple security cameras on the property that showed Tyrell Todd Fisher, 30, walking to the back of the barn with a blue propane torch.

In the video, Fisher is seen carrying a white five-gallon bucket from a shop on the property toward the barn. Fisher walks away from the barn yelling, “The barns on fire.” Out of view of the security camera, someone yells at Fisher for help in getting the hose to put out the fire. Fisher yells back that he wants the keys to his truck.

Upon executing a search warrant on the property, police located the two shirts Fisher wore in the videos. They also found a blue propane torch in an adjacent corral feeding trough hidden behind a metal bucket.

Fisher ignored repeated requests by law enforcement to exit the residence but eventually voluntarily exited. He denied any wrongdoing saying that he had been burning weeds around the barn. The detective on the case said he saw no weeds around the barn and that the start points of the fire were directly on the wood sliding areas.

Fisher is innocent until proven guilty. If found guilty, he faces up to 15 years in prison and/or up to a $75,000 fine.