The Madison County sheriff will retire this week and start a new job at BYU-Idaho.

After 32 years of law enforcement service, Sheriff Rick Henry will retire this week and take up a new position as public safety director for BYU-Idaho on Oct. 16.

Henry was elected sheriff in 2017 having previously spent over two decades working in the Pocatello Police Department, Fremont County Sheriff’s Office and Teton County Sheriff’s Office, consecutively.

Henry planned to finish his term, which would have ended next year but decided to apply when the position opened following the death of his predecessor, Stephen Bunnell, on Aug. 13.

“I hope I can be a shadow of the amazing (director) he was,” Henry said.

Henry has worked in law enforcement leadership for 17 years. As sheriff he enjoyed mentoring, facilitating cultural change and helping officers recognize their full potential as servants in the community.

“We wanted our people to be involved in church, involved in coaching, involved in everything that you could possibly be involved in within the community. That way, we would start building trust with the community,” Henry said to East Idaho News. “We made sure that we showed that we were all about servant leadership and so we served and served and served.”

A portrait of Rick Henry.

A portrait of Rick Henry. Photo credit: East Idaho News

Coming to BYU-Idaho comes at the cost of leaving behind his colleagues.

“Any success has been because of a group effort and the people I’ve been surrounded by,” Henry said.

As hard as it’s been, Henry said he has strived to keep himself accountable when the office didn’t succeed.

“You got to look in the mirror to see how you can give the community those wins,” Henry said.

Henry looks forward to the transition to campus security as the mission and values of the sheriff’s office are similar to those of the University.

“You can tell (the leaders of BYU-Idaho) have the best interests of the people who travel here,” Henry said.

Henry’s main goal is to make sure his vision is aligned with the vision of University employees.

“I just want to make sure that we are doing it as a group,” Henry said.