Apple Maps.

Google Maps.



You probably have one of these installed on your phone right now, if not two or three. You probably have a favorite, too.

Maybe you like Waze’s traffic alerts or Google’s detailed directions. It’s possible you just find Siri’s voice attractive.

Shannon Loughe, a junior studying psychology, said that she’s always stuck with the Apple Maps that came standard on her iPhone.

“I’ve just used it because it’s convenient,” she said. “It’s just there. It’s easy to use.”

Kory Nowland, a junior studying biology, said that he deleted Apple Maps in favor of Google’s app.

“The few times I used Apple Maps, it took us like 15 minutes longer to get there than Google Maps would have taken,” he said.

But what if you found out about another GPS app that it will single-handedly make navigation great again? This app is “yuuuge.” It can change your car trips forever.

Before you get ahead of yourself, no, Donald Trump is not releasing his own GPS app.

Not yet, at least.

Until that day, Trump aficionados can settle for the closest thing.

Karta Software Technologies, based in Portugal, recently came out with a free-to-download update for their KartaGPS app that allows you to receive directions from President Trump.

As seems to be custom with the Trumpster, this idea brings with it some pretty mixed reviews.

Jennifer Skaggs, a junior studying special education, said receiving directions from the president would be entertaining.

“I think I would laugh the entire time I was driving,” she said.

Loughe said that she wouldn’t be on board with driving commands from the commander-in-chief.

“I’d be confused,” she said. “I wouldn’t know whether to listen to it or be angry at it.”

International Business Times stated that the voices are more than just simple imitations. They utilize phrases, mannerisms and patterns of speech unique to both commanders-in-chief.

According to, other options for guides on KartaGPS include a gym instructor and a mafia boss.

Loughe said that if she could choose anyone in the world to give her GPS directions, she would choose Morgan Freeman.

“He’s got a nice, smooth voice,” she said. “I mean, President Gilbert is pretty good too. He’s good at devo.”

Skaggs said that she would be conflicted between two important men in her life.

“Thomas (S.) Monson would be a better voice than Ryan Reynolds,” she said. “You should follow the prophet always. So, in that aspect you should have the prophet’s voice, but Ryan Reynolds is really attractive.”

Interestingly enough, Bill Clinton was the President responsible for allowing citizens access to GPS technology back in 2000. For more on that, “How much do you depend on GPS?