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A student asked his religion teacher what justified Jesus, the self-proclaimed Prince of Peace, in flipping tables and driving money changers away from the temple of Herod as recorded in the Gospel of John.

With no hesitation, Torrey Morrill, a BYU-Idaho religion professor, answered the student’s question.

Morrill didn’t plan one second of the 10-minute interactive discussion that followed.

“If it’s just gonna be a big religion class of facts and texts but no heart, no life in it, no reason to live it, I think those classes get old real quick,” Morrill said.

Morrill has taught religion at BYU-I for several years and applied to teach at the university for seven years before he got an interview. Three years later, he got the job.

“I was dreaming to get here,” Morrill said. “I just pinch myself sometimes. I get to teach at BYU-Idaho — religion and all these students.”

Morrill said he tries to picture students as he prepares, especially those in need.

“I’m a firm believer that if we just talk about things, and they don’t matter to your life, then religion’s pointless,” said Morrill. “If religion can’t point you to live more like God, then it’s being done wrong.”

If his classes ever became about getting a grade, Morrill said, “Then they’d need to fire me and get someone new.”

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