A Kellogg man who killed a neighboring family of four told police he “snapped” out of concern for his children, according to an affidavit filed by police on Tuesday.

Shoshone County sheriff’s deputies arrested Majorjon Kaylor after he told police he killed his neighbors after an argument regarding one of them reportedly exposing himself in front of Kaylor’s wife and daughter.

The four deceased victims are Kenneth R. Guardipee, 65, Kenna L. Guardipee, 41, Devin Smith, 18 and Aiken Smith, 16.

Five days before the killings, Devin Smith, whose family had just moved into an apartment next to the Kaylors, allegedly performed nude acts through a window in front of Kaylor’s wife and his juvenile daughter.

Police investigated the incident, but it appears no further actions had been taken when, on June 18, Kaylie and Majorjon Kaylor got into an argument with Kenneth, Smith’s grandfather, and Kenna Guardipee, Smith’s mother, over his behavior.

Upon arriving to talk with the Guardipees, Kaylie Kaylor told police that her husband carried a handgun in a holster. Kaylie Kaylor said she was standing by her husband during the argument when she heard gunshots and then saw Kenna Guardipee fall to the ground followed by Kenneth Guardipee, both of whom, according to Kaylie Kaylor, were unarmed.

Kaylie Kaylor told police at the scene that her husband said to her that “he did what he had to do and to tell their kids he protected them.”

Police reviewed surveillance footage from a nearby business in which they could see and hear a “loud argument/confrontation of over five minutes take place between the four.”

After he allegedly shot the Guardipees, police say Majorjon Kaylor entered their apartment and shot Aiken Smith and Devin Smith. While the other victims appeared to have been shot once each, Devin Smith was shot multiple times execution style at close range — he was found face down on his knees. 

During his interview at the scene with Idaho State Police Detective Justin Klitch, Majorjon Kaylor referred to Devin Smith as a pedophile and said that he “snapped,” “lost it” and “did something about it” when the Guardipees did not take his concerns over Devin Smith seriously.

Kaylor called police to tell them he had shot and killed his neighbors. 

Authorities booked Majorjon Kaylor into Shoshone County jail on June 19 on four counts of first-degree murder and two counts of burglary.