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May 17 primary elections: Who won?

Idahoans voted in primary elections on May 17 to elect representatives for the Republican and Democratic parties in the general election.

The following candidates will face off on Nov. 8.

Unites States Senate:

David Roth (Democrat)

Mike Crapo (Republican)

US House of Representatives:

Wendy Norman (Democrat)

Mike Simpson (Republican)

Idaho governor:

Stephen Heidt (Democrat)

Brad Little (Republican)

Idaho lieutenant governor:

Terry Pickens Manweiler (Democrat)

Scott Bedke (Republican)

District 34 seat A:

Jon Weber (Republican)

District 34 seat B:

Britt Raybould (Republican)

Check the Madison County Election office for more information on other state and local election results.

What happens next?

Even with winners announced, the results are still unofficial. Each county in Idaho will submit a canvass to the Secretary of State’s office by May 24. According to Title 34 of the Idaho Legislature, an election canvass is a report ensuring every legitimate vote cast by voters gets recorded in the election totals.

After each individual county submits canvasses to the Idaho Secretary of State, the Secretary of State’s office will take another week to complete a canvass of their own by June 1. Chad Houck, deputy chief for Idaho’s Secretary of State, said that when this happens the results of the election will become official.


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