This past Friday’s Art Stroll by Rexburg Cultural Arts was a huge accomplishment for the art community. Several Rexburg residents came to support the Art Stroll’s featured artists and donate for the Costume Drive.

Tables and bins were set up in the lobby of The Romance Theater, gathering donations. Rexburg Cultural Arts collected hats, masks and everything in between. The Romance Theater can offer supplies to use for upcoming shows thanks to the Rexburg area.

Featured artists included Una Voce, an a cappella group, and Justine Turcotte, a harpist. Some of Turcotte’s music students also performed. It was a gathering of the arts from the Rexburg area. 

A cappella group “Una Voce.” Photo credit: Mo Seal.
A cappella group “Una Voce.” Photo credit: Mo Seal.

“Being on stage with all the girls was so enlightening,” said Jenny Crawford, the founder of Una Voce. “It was really fun seeing them all happy and confident. In return, it made me so excited.”

Karaoke followed the performances as an open mic to anyone wanting to give it a go. Plenty of participation was found in this month’s Art Stroll.

Katelyn Hellmann from Una Voce expressed the preparation Una Voce put into the Art Stroll, along with their upcoming event at the end of May.

“We are currently prepping for a concert that will showcase all of the songs we have learned as a group,” Hellmann said.

Art Stroll is an annual event recurring every first Friday of the month. For more information about future Rexburg Cultural Art events, or the performers, you can find it on their website or Instagram.