The David O. McKay Library and the Iron Acorn Press are hosting a poetry contest for Valentine’s Day. Contestants must submit their poems by Feb. 8 by 5 p.m. to enter the contest.

According to the David O. McKay Library Blog, students are encouraged to “write a poem that speaks to your experience with Valentine’s Day, whatever that experience may be. Of course, please keep it appropriate.”

A poem for the holiday.

A poem for the holiday. Photo credit: Thought Catalog Unsplash

Those who enter the competition are limited to 5 entries per person. Each poem can be no more than 20 lines. Upon submission, authors agree that if their poem wins, anyone who would want a copy will be given one.

The winners’ poems will be printed at the Iron Acorn Press for the Open Press Day on Feb. 14 and will be displayed all day.

Those who want to participate in the contest can submit their poems to the email