Biking/Running Trail

Rexburg has approved a new system of trails that will cover the entire city. Students wishing to bike to campus will have a designated path to travel that may save time and increase travel safety.

Water Park

Rexburg Play is a new water park coming soon to Rexburg. Unlike Rexburg Rapids, it will run year-round. The park hopes to attract students by allowing schools to use their facilities to teach water safety.

Madison Library District

Rexburg’s public library is currently hosting its summer reading program. This program is open to all age groups, including college-aged adults. Those who participate will be given a book bag and coupons. Other prizes will be won as participants meet reading check marks throughout the summer.

Legacy Flight Museum

This museum holds a collection of World War II-era planes that are all kept in flying condition. On June 16, they will hold their annual summer air show from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The show will include vendors, explosions and flying.i