Unless you’re from California, Florida or Arizona, finding cheap, trending fashions can be somewhat of a struggle. For some, shopping for new clothes and accessories can induce anxiety. But don’t fear! You now have this trendy article at your fingertips.

All the websites included in this article keep up with the latest fashion trends and will not lead you astray in the fashion industry … most of the time.

So, indulge! Find something new and comfy. You now have a reason to stop wearing tennis shoes with your jeans.

Stores with affordable, good-quality styles are hard to come by. Stores that used to be popular — such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Buckle and Hollister — are having a harder time selling their products. Outfitters that can sell their products quicker and for less are replacing those stores, enabling the next generation to purchase clothing without spending all of their money.


Shorts, jeans, summer

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Looking for some new trunks?

H&M and Forever 21 offer great choices for men in the swimwear region. Their styles include a variety of sizes and fits, such as knee-length, above-the-knee and mid-thigh. Most sizing goes up to 32R.

If you find yourself looking for more particular brands, you can check out PacSun, Zumiez, or Old Navy, although their prices will most likely be higher.

Just looking for regular shorts?

We’ve got you covered. Don’t settle for grotesque-looking zip-off pants or cargo shorts. No, no. You’re sophisticated, so show it!

Forever 21 offers various types of styles, fits, colors and fabrics with its shorts, all of them averaging under $20. H&M offers even more of a variety of shorts, with sizing up to 38R. Most shorts are under $40.

Fashion Tip: Don’t match swim shorts — or any shorts — with the following clothing items: long sleeve shirts, leggings, UGGs, tutus, or cowboy boots, even if it’s a joke!



Jeans, sneakers, sitting, man

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With girls’ pants and jeans, the spectrum seems endless. But when guys are looking for new denim, the results are pretty much black and white.

My only advice, don’t wear these:

Jeans, denim, blue, construction

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Jeans, ugly, Dad jeans, gross.

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You’re not a middle-aged man, you’re not a 12-year-old boy, you’re not a farmer, and you’re not a construction worker. You’re a college student. Avoid older brands of Levi Jeans that you could find at GoodWill.

And please, for all of heaven’s sake, don’t wear these with jeans either:

Walking, running shoes, jeans

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This was probably your default sense of style growing up, and between birth and 14 years old, it’s fine. But you’re in college now. These shoes have various purposes. Running or tennis shoes coupled with jeans NEVER looks good. It’s not flattering. They’re usually not waterproof, and they don’t look comfortable.

So many stores have great selections of jeans, such as AeropostaleAmerican Eagle, Forever 21, H&MHollisterLightintheBox, Rue21 and even eBay. If you’re not breaking the two golden rules above, you’re probably styling right.


Business man, suit, tie, work

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Every man has his poison of choice when it comes to wearing formal pants. You probably know the old rule of never matching brown shoes or pants with black shoes or pants, but recently the fashion industry has altered formal chinos and khakis. Wherever you buy your dress pants, don’t buy them if they’re pleated.

For more tips and hacks, please visit The Ultimate Formal Style Guide for Men.


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Image via Flickr Creative Commons

Joggers and chinos have recently been pushed into the spotlight, and now both types of pants are adopting various patterns, designs and styles. You can’t go wrong with either of these styles, but make sure to use them for the right occasion, as joggers are much more casual than chinos.



Country, man, redhead

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Shirts are pretty self-explanatory, and if you’re wearing one, you’re probably not breaking any rules. Recently, v-necks, henleys and denim button-ups have become increasingly popular, as they accentuate the male figure better.

Fashion Tip: It’s not ethically wrong to wear loose, button up, short sleeve shirts with tropical scenes or dragons on them, but if you want girls to like you, then maybe avoid them.


Shoes and Accessories

Watch, wrist, formal

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To a lot of people, manly accessories may not make much of a difference, but even the littlest things can alter an outfit. Scarves, hats, beanies, watches and bracelets don’t all have to be “your thing” — although they can be — but even adding one of those to your wardrobe will make a positive impression.


Watch, wooden watch, accessories, men

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Watches can get pricey, but many brands offer cheaper alternatives without forfeiting style. Nixon always has a great variety of affordable options, and other great brands include American EagleDiesel, Etsy and Kenneth Cole. Be sure to check if the watch is waterproof before you buy it, as more popular brands offer various operational depths depending on the watch.


Friendship bracelets, foot, slackline

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You’re probably thinking this is a pointless section to include for men. But alas, you’re wrong! Guys can rock jewelry as much as girls can. Whether you’re in to necklaces, friendship bracelets, paracord, cotton cord, sea glass, leather cuffs or rings, you have plenty of fashionable options.

And no, none of the options given above are “girly.”

Scarves & Hats

Scarf, beanie, jacket, man

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Hats and scarves may be too warm for some weather conditions, especially in the summer. But if a mild day begins and you’re feeling the urge to accessorize accordingly, I doubt anyone would blame you. Beanies, fedoras, snapbacks, and panel hats are all in style and will probably continue to be so.

Fashion Tip: Avoid trilbies.

Scarves are a different matter, but they’re a sure-fire way to amplify any attire. Shemagh Keffiyeh, infinity, ascots, and regular fringe scarves are excellent choices, but just be aware to match them according to what you’re wearing. For scarf-tying hacks, check out this Scarf Guide.


Boots, shoes, red, fashion, style

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This is a great time to live in for many reasons, but one of the lesser reasons includes the variety of shoes and boots which are acceptable in today’s society. Men can now wear boots, boat shoes, sneakers, Jordans, flip-flops, moccasins, high tops, loafers and oxfords without receiving dirty looks. Sure, you have your agency to wear what you want, but people often judge another’s character by the shoes they wear.

It sounds crazy, I know. But with so many styles available, you really can’t go wrong.

Go forth and embrace summer! These months only come around once a year, you know.