In the beginning, there was I-Learn. Life was simple: Every students’ assignments were in one place. With the introduction of Canvas, a fissure divided a student’s task book into two.

There was no more order. No more unity.

I-Know: A Possible Solution

I-Know, a free Google Chrome extension, combines assignments from I-Learn and Canvas into one location. This extension notifies users of upcoming assignments using an indicator at the top of the Google Chrome browser.

Created in Winter Semester 2016, I-Know has reached its three-year anniversary with over 6,000 users and has expanded beyond the BYU-Idaho campus, supporting any school using Brightspace or Canvas.

The I-Know website says, “Instead of checking the school’s website for assignments, I-Know will check for you, and create a checklist of upcoming assignments.”

Samantha Kunz, a junior studying communication, said, “I-Know has saved my college career.”

Screen Shot of I-Know

The I-Know extension interface is accessible at the top of users Google Chrome browser. Photo credit: I-Know

Developer Says

The developer, Ryan Allred, graduated from BYU-Idaho in July 2018 with a major in computer science and clusters in entrepreneurship and web development. He now works as a software engineer for a startup tech company called Skipio.

Allred said he created I-Know as a sophomore when he struggled with grades, but not because he lacked work ethic: assignments and personal projects were simply hard to balance.

“I don’t keep the extension running for money,” said Allred, “the best part of this whole thing is every now and then I get a message that says, ‘Jey, I just graduated, and I attribute my GPA to you.’ That just tickles me pink.”

Although he has not had to have a major update in over a year, Allred keeps up on bug fixes regularly.

Potential Problems

This extension does not come without concerns, however. The extension created a stir amongst faculty when word first got around.

Below is an excerpt from an article published by Scroll in 2016, after I-Know was released. Jeff Hassett, IT Operations Managing Director, shared his concerns:

Hassett said since I-Know is not affiliated with BYU-I, students who choose to use the application would be doing so at their own risk.
“Because they’re not part of our development process and not a supported application, if there are changes to our applications like I-Learn, their application may not work properly,” Hassett said.
Hassett said he would not recommend students use the Chrome extension because of its potential to break down due to … updates in the future…
“We would not encourage them using it because it’s not something that we can guarantee that it will always be working correctly,” Hassett said.

For more interviews and information about I-Know, visit the article, I-Learn: survive the transition with I-Know.

Screen Shot

I-Know Premium is 7.99 to unlock, it includes additional features. Photo credit: I-Know