Editor’s note: The following contents of this story are graphic, and reader discretion is advised.

Jeremy Best, a Teton County man, shot his wife three times, killing her and her unborn child Thursday night before he abducted their now-deceased 10-month-old son, said police in newly released court documents.

After a call from local hunters, Bonneville County sheriff’s deputies arrested Jeremy Best, 48, Saturday morning after he was found lying naked in a sleeping bag off the side of a road. The men who found him say he was making “odd” statements.

Best drove his vehicle down an embankment where deputies found his 10-month-old son, Zeke Best, dead. The boy had been reported abducted Friday morning after his mother and Jeremy Best’s wife, Kali Best, was found dead by three gunshot wounds at her home hours earlier. The results of Zeke’s autopsy have not been released, yet.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Deputy Christensen of the Teton County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to 4600 Skyline Loop in Victor to respond to a hung-up 911 call. On the call, the dispatcher heard yelling in the background and then silence.

In a recording of the call prior to the dispatcher answering, a female was heard repeating “Jeremy” and “Jeremy no” before sounds of a disturbance. A male voice was heard saying “yes” in response and then yelling for the other person to get back before saying, “you’re gonna get shot.” The same male voice is then said, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

On his way to the residence, Deputy Christensen passed a vehicle turning from Skyline Loop and moving west toward Highway 33. He observed “IT39” on its license plate.

When he arrived, a neighbor standing outside his home across the street told him he was in bed when he heard Jeremy and Kali Best fighting. He said Kali yelled, “Jeremy stop, you have a baby.” Immediately after, the neighbor heard about five gunshots “that sounded like they came from the outside.” When he looked out his window, he saw a black Chevrolet Tahoe leaving the Best’s driveway.

Christensen went up the main driveway to the Best residence. The home is located between two shops to its north and south. The north shop is Jeremy’s Auto Repair. Christensen received no response when he knocked on the west and south doors.

Walking back down the driveway, he saw Kali Best lying on the ground on her left side, on top of a pool of blood, underneath a lean-to on the east side of Jeremy’s Auto Repair. Kali Best was non-responsive and without a shirt or bra. A blue T-shirt lay on the ground nearby. Christensen performed CPR to no avail.

The deputy observed what appeared to be gunshot wounds in the area of her right breast and right side.

When other officers arrived, Christensen searched the residence and noticed that the power had been shut off. He also saw a leather pistol holster lying by the west entrance. Chief Deputy Bridger Smith found a cell phone bent in half on the floor in the hallway. By the empty holster, on the kitchen table sat a black revolver. Trooper Stapp of Idaho State Police found an open gun safe in the master bedroom as well as a Social Security card in what appeared to be Zeke’s bedroom.

Police confirmed Kali Best owned a black Chevrolet Tahoe that included the license plate numbers Christensen saw on the vehicle he passed earlier.

Earlier on Thursday, Jeremy Best was escorted out of the Swan Valley General Store after he walked in completely nude. Police took him to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for a medical and mental evaluation. The hospital released him that same day.

After his arrest and the discovery of Zeke’s deceased body, EIRMC released a statement to East Idaho News Tuesday saying they were “heartbroken” but that the factors required by law to keep someone in protective custody were not met when they evaluated Jeremy Best on Thursday.

Jeremy Best appeared in court Monday through Zoom. East Idaho News reported he was shirtless, “fidgety, continually ran his hands through his hair, scratched his face and cried at times.”

Jeremy Best is charged with two counts of murder in the first degree for Kali Best and her unborn baby and one count of use of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 18.