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Murder, mystery, tall tales and dinner. All of these combine to make the murder mystery dinner at BYU-Idaho. This dinner is hosted on campus every semester in the Manwaring Center.

At murder mystery dinners participants are given a character or role to play and everyone comes together in order to solve the murder. The hosts of the dinner feed the participants while they discuss the mystery.

As the participants converse as their assigned character, clues are given to the participants in order to assist in the mystery.

Euleza Hymas, the Student Activities adviser, works on coordinating the dinners. Hymas said Aubrey Bjork, an alumna of BYU-Idaho, writes the scripts. Every semester, a new script is written to prevent repeats.

The murder mystery dinner activity was originally started on campus by two students named Kate Handy and Amanda Ellis back in 2010 and has been a regular activity since then.

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