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A locally grown musician who now lives in Provo hopes this weekend to spark the local music scene in Rexburg.

Footlight Parade | Facebook photo

Evan Sharp, a guitar and vocalist for the band Footlight Parade, said his group has been playing together for about six years. Two of Sharp’s brothers, Mik Sharp and Jason Sharp, join him alongside friend Jared Higdon. The four grew up in Idaho Falls and created the band in their teens.

“We all have been really big into music,” Sharp said. “It’s kinda helped us all out a lot, mentally and emotionally connect.”

The group labels itself as a pop-punk band with roots in alternative rock. Sharp said some of their biggest influences have been bands like The Killers, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Strokes.

Footlight Parade will be releasing their new EP Love Wins Then You Die, Saturday at The Basement. Sharp is also releasing is own personal album in which he will perform this weekend.

“I’m hoping to get a bunch of people there and show people how cool it is to have a local thriving music scene,” Sharp said.

Lantern by the Sea | Facebook

Sharp said he personally feels the Rexburg music scene is dead compared to a lot of places he has lived, though it does have the potential for some great music.

“We need more bands and get people to come out to the show. Lots of time people don’t realize the level of quality you can get from local bands,” Sharp said.

Performing with Sharp and his band is the up and coming Cedar Hills Utah based alternative rock band Lantern by Sea.

Lantern by the Sea played last summer at the 2018 Provo Utah Concert series alongside artist like The National Parks and singer-songwriter Mindy Gledhill.

“Rexburg needs a space where its people can show their creative efforts. Whether it is through music or art, we aim to provide an environment where all people can feel comfortable and get out of their skin,” according to the Basement.

The full lineup for Saturday’s performances at the basement can be found on their Facebook page.

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