MVP: Zarate Brothers


Daniel Zarate and his younger brother, Nick Zarate, are multi-sport athletes from Ithaca, New York, hoping to lead their competitive tennis team to a championship this season.

“When we came to tryouts, we made sure to let the coordinators and coaches know that Nick and I are a package deal,” said Daniel Zarate, a senior majoring in international studies. “We wanted to make sure that we were on the same team, because we are brothers.”

Their team, the Hurricanes, beat the Hawks 6-0 in their season-opening matches.

Daniel Zarate said he hopes the team can keep this up and have a great season.

“As a team, we are going to focus on getting our serves in,” said Jonathon Cattron, the Hurricanes’ assistant coach and a sophomore studying communication. “If we can do that, the other teams are really going to have to fight.”

Cattron said Nick Zarate, a junior studying computer science, plays number one doubles with teammate Quentin Kolb, a sophomore studying business management, and Daniel Zarate plays number one singles.

Daniel Zarate and Nick Zarate both said they prefer playing singles, but Nick said doubles is his choice to win in the competitive league settings.

“In high school, my coach was very into tennis strategy, and I learned the strategy behind doubles,” Nick Zarate said. “I feel like many people here don’t know these fundamentals very well, and so I know how to pick them apart. It’s also good to play doubles when you have to play indoors like we did this week. There is a lot of volley play, so you don’t have to worry about the different surface as much.”

Daniel Zarate said he definitely thinks Nick Zarate is one of the best tennis players at BYU-Idaho.

Nick Zarate said he attended BYU for two semesters and that Daniel Zarate roomed with him there for one semester. He said they both later transferred here.

“We see each other about five days out of the week,” Daniel Zarate said. “We lift weights, play tennis and are on a recreational soccer team, so we get to see each other a lot.”

Daniel Zarate said he and Nick Zarate are probably the closest of the siblings in their family.

“We’re a bit different, though,” Nick Zarate said. “Dan is pretty cocky, I think, and I’m pretty humble.”

Daniel Zarate said he is confident, not cocky. He said their whole family saw Nick Zarate as the smartest and most humble in the family.

Nick Zarate said tennis is definitely his first sport, with soccer being his second sport.

“I played tennis in high school,” Daniel Zarate said. “Soccer is my first sport, though. I’ve been playing since I was four-years-old, I’d say. I played in high school for four years, was the captain of the team and was the MVP.”

Daniel Zarate said he graduates this semester and he is applying to a master’s program in Spain.

Nick Zarate said he has a couple semesters left, and he is currently building a computer program that organizes information for researchers.

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