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‘Napoleon Dynamite’ is featured at The Romance Theater

On Saturday, Sept. 17 at 6:30 p.m., The Romance Theater hosted its quarterly Extended Play Cinema event, featuring the Idaho cult classic, Napoleon Dynamite.

“We did it as an Extended Play Cinema last year, too,” said Emily Miller, the Rexburg Cultural Arts media specialist. “We’re taking what we learned from last year and making it even better this year.”

Members of the community gathered to watch the film and participate in activities before the show. This included eating tater tots supplied by Sonic, competing in a drawing contest at Napoleon’s Portrait Studio and getting their portrait taken at Glamour Shots By Deb, where Kaatia Larsen, the Rexburg Cultural Arts music and theater specialist, portrayed Deb.

“It’s hard,” Larsen said. “I’m normally very happy and smiley, and Deb is not.”

Larsen stayed in character throughout the event as she took photos in Deb’s photography style. Members of the community were given the opportunity to pose awkwardly as their picture was taken.

Kaatia Larsen taking a portrait of Napoleon Dynamite at the Glamour Shots By Deb booth.
Kaatia Larsen taking a portrait of Napoleon Dynamite at the Glamour Shots By Deb booth. Photo credit: Grace Angus

“I love seeing so many people come in costume,” Larsen said. “Napoleon and Lafawnduh are here. Kip is here with his socks. A lot of wigs. A lot of makeup. A lot of really fun characters. I think that’s the funnest part is just seeing everybody really get into it because you know they’re going to have a great time.”

The Rexburg Cultural Arts Department worked to offer audience members a fully immersive experience throughout the film. This included a martial arts spar on stage, a costume contest and a prom at the end of the movie.

Additionally, members of the audience were given the opportunity to compete in a trivia contest to win prizes such as tortillas to “make a dang quesadilla with,” Powerade, “in case you get sweaty from break dancing” and a star-shaped pinata that “is not shaped like Summer Wheatley.”

More information about Extended Play Cinema events can be found on the Rexburg Arts website.


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